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Fermidox is a three-dimensional game with influence from bullet hell games. The main concept is simple: The player is attacked with projectiles but they can only use a physical weapon.


A resource crisis is dreading the colonies. To find a solution, multiple archaeological teams have been deployed in search of advanced technology. Legends claim that the Bashrans, an ancient alien civilization, was in possession of the technology to solve the crisis before dying hundreds of years ago. Recent research shows that this may be more fact than myth.

You are an archaeologist sent to Fermidox, the homeworld of the Bashrans, in search of the this mysterious technology. While exploring one of the ruins alone, the security measures suddenly activated and locked you in.

Take your multi-tool and let's get started!


  • Fast-paced, unique gameplay based on the concept of a simplified bullet hell.
  • Eighteen rooms with enemies attacking you in unique distinctive ways.
  • Three difficult boss fights, each with a different way to approach them.
  • A counter for damage and time consumed in each floor, pushing you to do better than your friends.
  • A minimalistic but pretty art style.
  • A deep underlying story with profound existential themes.
  • A cipher system based on your overall performance in the game, used for unlocking more about the world as well as recovery items.
  • Catchy, addictive music made by DST, WrathGames Studios and Thomas Bruno


A / Left Arrow: Move Left

D / Right Arrow: Move Right

W / Up Arrow: Move to Upper Lane

S / Down Arrow: Move to Lower Lane

J / Q: Swing Left

L / E: Swing Right

Esc: Pause Game

P: Open Code Menu

F12: Capture Screenshot

Direction and Story by:

  • Jose "Johnathan Wells" Gonzalez

Programming by:

  • Jose "Jonathan Wells" Gonzalez
  • Jonathan Medina

Art and Animations by:

  • Ntambwa Mbiye

Contact us:

Jose Gonzalez


Ntambwa Mbiye


Jonathan Medina


Creative Commons License
FERMIDOX is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Install instructions

  1. Download Fermidox from this website.
  2. Right-click on the zip file.
  3. Extract the folder "Fermidox" anywhere in your computer.
  4. double click on Fermidox.exe inside the folder.
  5. Click on start in the unity window and the game will open.


Fermidox 68 MB